“Every woman is called to lead somebody somewhere to do something great!”
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“Every woman is called to lead somebody somewhere to do something great!”

Dr. G Speaks

When looking for an internationally recognized speaker who ignites the atmosphere with contagious enthusiasm and a passion for purpose, you have but to look directly at Gail Hayes or Dr. Gail, as others affectionately call her. Her engaging, humorous, and candid style of communication leaves audiences wanting more and inspired to act on dreams and visions unfulfilled. Dr. Gail is an Empowerment Tactician, Executive Leadership and Master Life Coach. She focuses on helping others discover identity, grasp purpose, and step into destiny. She lived in Asia for over four years and in Europe for over ten years. These experiences enable her to successfully connect with diverse audiences.

Dr. Hayes founded the European Executive Women’s Forum, the first active network of the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) in Europe. She and her group also hosted the first European conference for NAFE and appeared in Executive Female Magazine, the official publication for the organization. She has served as a nationally recognized expert with Clemson University’s Professional Women’s Development Conferences, the Smart Women’s Lifestyle and the Ready to Win Conference teams.

As the author of numerous and diverse books, articles, and publications, her catalog consists of  topics for professional development, leadership, character education, empowerment, literacy, entrepreneurship, publishing, writing, and organizational effectiveness. She initiated and launched the first faith-based newspaper column for the Triangle Tribune in Raleigh/Durham. NC.  Dr. Hayes was a regularly scheduled expert guest on nationally syndicated radio. She has appeared on numerous television programs, including the University of North Carolina’s Public Education Television (UNC-TV) and currently hosts The Handle Your Business Girl Empowerment Zone television program.

She served as the first African American female law enforcement officer and firefighter in Chapel Hill, NC. During that time, she was appointed to the Orange County Commission for Women where she also served as the Chair of the Commission. Her client list includes Durham & Detroit Public Schools, the European Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Training Division, the US Army & Air Force European Commands, the US Army Korean Command, and numerous organizations in the international arena. She has also collaborated with such distinguished agencies such as the University of NC Public Education Television (UNC-TV).  She currently lives with her family in North Carolina.

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